Rent. Play. Learn.

Toys that challenge and engage the child’s mind

Toys For All Ages

We offer three different toy rentals subscriptions that you can choose from.
Once you have chosen your subscription you can view and order toys each month.

Newbees Rental

$24 / Month

0-5 Years Old

Up to 3 Toys

Recurring Shipments

Pathfinders Rental

$39 / Month

6-10 Years Old

Up to 3 Toys

Recurring Shipments

Future Leaders Rental

$59 / Month

11-18 Years Old

Up to 2 Toys

Recurring Shipments

our cleaning process

Products are broken down

Electronic pieces are separated from plastics and fabrics.

Extra cleaning process

Some products may require pressured air, ultrasonic, even q-tips to ensure a thorough clean.

Assemble / Storage

Quality Checked, Confirmed Operational, and Dried completely. Sealed and Dated.

Deep cleaned

Fabrics are washed with sensitive skin detergent. Plastics are cleaned with environmentally appropriate products.

All others are cleaned with Bleach / Water Mix


Products are dried using wipes and air drying methods.